COVID Safety

Please do not attend the Festival if you have any of the symptoms of COVID-19. Please bear in mind that the most widespread symptoms of the Omicron variant match those of the common cold – a running nose, headaches, fatigue, sneezing and sore throat.

1. A negative lateral flow test will be required by everyone on entry to the theatre, audience and dancers.

2. Masks to be worn at all times in all areas of the theatre. We strongly recommend that under 12s follow this advice. There will be a supply of disposable masks throughout the building. Dancers may remove masks for performance.

3. Dancers to arrive no more than 20 minutes before their class, as ready as possible i.e. hair, make-up, tights, etc. which will limit the time in the dressing room. Dressing rooms will be allocated to specific schools. Where possible we would ask parents to limit time in the dressing rooms, any assistance from teachers to implement this will be gratefully accepted.

4. There will be a one-way system in place backstage. Dancers will be called to the corridor area during the adjudication of the previous class and will be taken backstage to the allocated waiting area. At the end of each individual performance dancers will enter the auditorium through SR pass door and be seated. At the end of the class dancers will be adjudicated in front of Miss Hopkins, on the floor, not on the stage. Dancers will then exit through the double doors and back into the dressing room. Please exit dressing rooms as quickly as possible, ideally without parental assistance. Please note: this system is being implemented for YOUR safety and requires your co-operation.

5. There will be a limit of TWO audience members per dancer (young siblings an exception). The auditorium will be cleared after EACH class. The bar area may be utilised for official changing purposes and will NOT be open at all during the Festival. Please do not linger in this area and exit the theatre as quickly as possible. Food and drink will not be consumed in the bar area or foyer under any circumstances.

6. Tickets and programmes will be on sale either at the entrance to the Corn Exchange or in the usual place in the bar area. This will, hopefully, reduce numbers queuing in the bar area for larger classes. Weekly, teachers’ and day passes are available as usual. Tickets for one class only will be replacing session tickets (for this year only).